Guesthouse U nás

Guesthouse offers acomodations in two of our attic apartments. Apartments are optimal for both short-term and long-term accomodations.

Apartment no.1 is 2 bunked with the option of extra bed.

Apartment no.2 is 4 bunked with the option of extra bed.

Kitchen is a part of both of the apartments.

After agreement an option of getting breakfasts right from the restaurant.

LCD and WiFi is avaliable in both of the apatrments. 


  1. Accomodation will be avaliable only if the host that is signed for the accomodation will be able to submit any type of valid identity confirmation.
  2. The host uses the apartment in time that is agreed on upon ariving. If not, the apartmens are ready after 4pm, on the last day of stay host will empty the apartment at least in 10am.
  3. The host must abide night calm in times of 10pm to 6am.
  4. Hosts must pay in the right of the codes for the services.
  5. Manipulation with electricity or any other instalations is strictly forbiden.
  6. Having your own appiliances is not allowed, in exepcion of hand shawers or hand fans, ect... You're responsible for using your own.
  7. When leaving you must turn of the lights, the television, close the windows and  return the keys after ending the visit.
  8. In case of losing the keys, the host must pay the toll of 1500,- czech crowns.
  9. In safety precusions it's not allowed to leave kids without the parents overlook. Parents are responsible for safety of their kids in both the guesthouse and outside.
  10. Guests take full responsibility for any damage done to the set.
  11. Animals are not allowed in the guesthouse.
  12. Smoking is only allowed in able areas.
  13. It's forbiden to consume alcohol or any other toxic items.
  14. Every host must observe this accomodation order.

In case that the host violates the order,
the owner is allowed to end the accomodation for the whole group
without reimbursement.


  • Restaurant Na Roscestí u starého Saši


    We recently reconstructed our restaurant Na Rozcesní, under name of "U starého Saši". Pleasing sitting, rich offer of drinks and new darts machine is available

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